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Integrating jQuery Fancybox and Tooltips plugins

In the process of adding the lightbox plugin at to a client’s website, it became necessary to integrate it with the jquery tooltip plugin that was already in place and in use on the site to create styled tooltip hovers on certain of the images there.

sample image showing tooltip plugin - image copyright Nancy Carol Willis, all rights reservedsample image showing lightbox with title overlay - image copyright Nancy Carol Willis, all rights reserved
images copyright by Nancy Carol Willis, all rights reserved

As the method of adding tooltips to the images conflicted with how the rel="" attribute was used by the lightbox for grouping sets of images, this required a bit of alteration to the lightbox plugin. Continue reading

Open Letter to Godaddy

You need a good usability expert for your public facing website.

The domain manager has improved greatly over the years (albeit somewhat slow). However, getting to the domain manager is a confusing and ever changing experience. Navigation should not be constantly changing depending on where you are in the site and it should only take one click with login to manage my domains.

Sometimes the Domain Manager is in the drop down under “Domains” sometimes it isn’t. Sometimes it is on the left of the dropdown menu, sometimes on the right. Sometimes the domain manager link is in the left column, sometimes you aren’t in the right part of the
site and the domain manager link isn’t there. Sometimes you click the “domain management” link and end up at the page with account alerts… the domain manager link is gone from the left column and has moved to the page’s body. When in the body sometimes it is a text link to the left & top of the table, sometimes it is to the right & top.

I focused my comments on getting to the domain manager, because that is what I need and use the most, but every area of your site should be as clear and succinct as possible.

OK, I took some time to rant because you guys have been great for da house. I’m expecting this will never reach the right people, but if it does and you want anymore feedback feel free to contact us.

Apparently old search engines don’t die ScreenshotApparently old search engines don’t die, people just stop using them.

Seeing that had gone offline after some of the good work they were doing, and seeing some of the things they are working on at Blekko makes me wonder if anyone can truly compete with google’s dominance. It is surprising that so many of the old search engines, who had previously built a name, are still online.