Lastpass Password Manager

2023 NOTE: We used to recommend LastPass to everyone. Since being bought by LogMeIn, their price has tripled and they now only allow the free version on 1 device. I currently recommend the open source alternative BitWarden. In many ways it is superior to LastPass: Open Source software, you can use the free version on multiple devices, and it has a much cleaner design. However, I will say that password sharing was great on LastPass. That is only available on paid version of BitWarden. Also, LastPass seems to better recognize user/pass fields that I sometimes find myself manually filling with BitWarden. Overall I feel Bitwarden is superior and recommend it over LastPass for most people.


If you are interested in an easy way to manage a multitude of passwords, we recommend Lastpass for secure, encrypted password storage and login credential sharing.

It is available as a mobile app and as a browser extension. The free level is usually good enough for most users. They have premium, business and family paid versions too.

A couple videos to let you check it out if you’re interested in learning more
in depth:

and some links
chrome extension:
iphone app:
android app:

Only the encrypted files are stored at Lastpass and only you have the master key.


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