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“No wonder CompSci grads are unemployed”

I liked this article
“No wonder CompSci grads are unemployed” By Dominic Connor

It makes me also think of something a bit closer to home.  We get a lot of kids with graphic design degrees and no web skills looking for jobs. We also have a lot inquiries from younger adults who refer to themselves as web designers but don’t have any small ability to hand-code.

I firmly believe anyone hoping for a future in design (web, print, otherwise..) should make sure they possess some web skills and of course web designers, regardless of their preferred design tools, should be able to handle raw code with just a simple text editor.

Privacy Protection through your registrar

If you own a domain you should maintain forwarders (email address aliases) for your addresses in the public domain record and direct them anywhere necessary. People tend to mistakenly sign up for “Privacy Protection” from their registrar because we all value privacy, right? Privacy is a good thing, who wouldn’t embrace it?

However, what most of us really want in regard to our domain registration is protection from spam. We can quickly direct a forwarder anywhere temporarily or permanently, direct it to as many people as needed to keep everyone in the loop, and change it in an instant if it starts getting spam.

I would only recommend the privacy protection to someone who would like to hide their ownership/identity from others. Spam protection is best done with a disposable forwarder.